The Ordained Class for the Mothership RPG

January 8, 2019

MS. I Took Out My Pocket-Perspective - Paul Gavarni

A Chaplain, preacher, or missionary who is ordained by a prominent religious institution and anointed to go out into the galaxy and perform the work of the gods. They are service driven, accustomed to strenuous volunteer work, and no stranger to the hunger pangs associated with fasting. They offer comfort and encouragement to others with their knowledge of theology and the promises of redemption.

Ordained characters believe in the will of the gods and quite possibly in an afterlife as well. Therefore, they are not fearful of death the way others are, as they do not necessarily see death as the end of existence, but only as an end to the physical body.

+5 to Intellect and Strength -5 to Combat

Starting Skills (+2 Skill Points)
First Aid
Linguistics or Mathematics (depending on deity worshipped)
Athletics, driving, or hydroponics (based on volunteer experience)
Starting Saves
Sanity: 30
Fear: 45
Body: 30
Armor: 25
Holy ornament or miniature idol
Religious vestments
Pocket-sized book of scripture
Utility knife 1d10 (also functions as screw driver, can opener, etc)
First aid kit
Camping gear
Water filter
Stress & Panic
An Ordained character has advantage on fear and panic checks when faced with their own death and can go 48 hours without food before rolling at a disadvantage (instead of the normal 24).

An Ordained character can use theology to assist another character in lowering their stress once per day. If they know the Ceremony skill, they can hold a religious service and offer stress relief to all who attend.
New Expert Skill
Ceremony (requires Theology & Linguistics)
You are familiar with and can perform ritualistic ceremonies significant to your religion. These include rites of passage, holiday celebrations, the public interpretation of scripture via religious services, and the anointing or consecrating of people, places and things.
New Master Skill
Prophecy (requires Ceremony & Mysticism)
Your deity speaks directly to you and you can interpret their will. Fellow believers come to you for divine knowledge and many others trust your wisdom when dealing with unpredictable situations.

Inspiration: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, Anathem by Neal Stephenson, Firefly by Joss Whedon


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