Adding Flavor To Your Divination Spells

October 26, 2018

Upon the Large Skull - Arthur Rackham

I found myself reading Wikipedia’s Methods of Divination page and just for fun, I put together a handful of my favorites into the below d6 table so one can randomly roll to see how their practitioner of augury goes about predicting, identifying and detecting the unknown.

  1. Skatharomancy: You keep a live beetle in your pocket or in a small cage that you let scurry through the dirt or dust so you can use its track patterns to discern and decipher untold events. If your beetle dies or escapes you’ll need to roll a nature or wisdom check to capture a new one.

  2. Favomancy: The casting of beans holds answers to untold mysteries. Where the kidney falls or the lentil lies can give you all the information you require concerning any enigma.

  3. Tyromancy: Not just a delicious snack that stays fresh in the darkest of dungeons but also a natural focus for forecasting forthcoming events. The number of holes in the Swiss or the way the mold grows about the gouda can reveal more than most realize.

  4. Cephalomancy: Your skulls are bone maps that when traversed by the tips of your fingers tell tales of what was and what could be. You can probe across telling scalps or keep an extra skull hanging from your belt whose flapping jaw bespeaks prophecy when called upon.

  5. Oculomancy: You look long and hard into a person’s eyes to see truth. Reflections of their past sights flicker before you like too many infomercials providing details missed from their previous encounters or events that have not yet occurred in their impending future.

  6. Numismatomancy: Life is black and white, good or evil, lawful or chaotic and all you require to determine which-is-which is a flip of a coin.


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